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martes, 31 de marzo de 2009

A visit to Canada

Our Technology teacher, José Manuel Martínez, is visiting Canada these days. He has been granted by Consellería de Educación - Xunta de Galicia, just to learn a little more for his classes of Electricity in English. From here, we are looking forward to hearing from him and to learning about Canada, its uses and people. He will be in Ottawa up to May 8th and we'll keep in touch by means of this blog. If you want to send him a question, just write in COMENTARIOS and he'll answer as soon as possible.

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Eli, Nuri and Sandra dijo...

How are you?
Are things cheaper than in spain?
Are you enjoying yourself in Canadá?

one kiss!!

bye bye!

Jenny,Sani and Marta dijo...

hello chema!!!
how are you???
we are Jenny, Sani and Marta!!!

our questions are:

Are there wooden houses?
How many languages do people speak?

bye bye!!!!!

Diego y Antonio dijo...

Hello Chema
We are Diego and Antonio
-Is Otawa A beautiful city???
-Is it cold in Canada???
-Are the plugs and the alternate current like in Spain???

Diego Rubén and Xenxo dijo...

Hello Chema, How long did the journey take?????
Could you ask for an autograph to basketball player José Calderón????????????????????????
Good bye and study a lot.

sandra, tamara y tania dijo...

hello teacher!:)

Is the canadian food similar to the Spanish food?

Have you meet somebody special person?

Have you seen someone famous at the airport?

Anónimo dijo...

Hola Chema:
Un saúdo en galego para que non te esquenzas da nosa língua.

Mª Luz, prof. de Bioloxía

Jose dijo...

Hi everybody!

Everything's going fine here. I'll try to answer all your questions as soon as possible, I hope you don't get bored (Rachel, sorry if I make some mistake):

- Things are not much more expensive than in Spain (clothes and things like that), but maybe restaurants are a little more expensive

- Most part of the houses are made of brick, instead of wood. There are a lot of houses with garden and a garage on the side (just like in american movies). Most part of the people speak English, and a 30% (more or less) speak French. But then there are a lot of peope from everywhere: in the high school that I am, there are 67 different mother languagues!!! (they are a lot of asian people, and students from countries of middle east, like Iran, Libano,... but they are very very nice)

- Ottawa is a very beautiful city, and it's huge. I'm very lucky because I live almost in downtown. Is not very cold, temperature varies a lot, between 3 and 17 degrees, for example.
Current is 115 V and I need an adaptor just to plug in. My cell charger can works in Canada and in Spain too (then I'll explain you that)

- To arrive here it took me almost 20 hours!!! (because we did: Vigo-Paris-Montreal-Ottawa, but it worths it). One weekI'm going to Toronto and I would like to see a NBA match, of course, but the regular league is over, and The Raptors didn't classified to the play-offs. I'm really sorry...

- Canadian food is not very similar. Most of people eat very healthy and do a lot of sport, and the times that they eat are really really different from ours. Next day I'll talk about this.

Greetings from Canada!!

bibliofiz dijo...

Ola Chema! Que tal che vai por esas terras americanas? Espero que ben, e lembra que por moi ben que o pases tes que volver que te estrañan moito os teus pequenos de 4ºB como podes comprobar.
Saúdos do blogueiro impertinente

bibliofiz dijo...

Todo o mundo de viaxe e eu quedo aquí. Uns a Canadá (róncalle o nabo), outros a Madrid, se polo menos me levaran a Manzaneda os de 1º de ESO, pero nin eso.
Menos mal que con esta afección miña polas bitácoras (blogs) viaxo virtualmente a cotío.
Chema, kisses from Galiza, have a good time in Canada and... don't worry, be happy!
Pepiño Bitá Cora

Mr.Loureiro dijo...

Hello everybody!!

Well, I wrote a comment two days ago, buy it seems that Canada is too far from Sarria, so I'll write another one, trying to answer the questions.(Raquel, sorry if I make some mistake)

I'm really enjoying my visit here, I have to say that I'm very lucky. Some things are a little more expensive (in a restaurant, for example), other not (e.g:clothes) and other cheaper (gasoline: 0,60 euros!!)

Most part of the houses are made of brick, and most part have a garden and a garage (just like in the american movies). People speak english, and the 30% (more or less) speak some french too. But here are a lot of foreign people: in the high school where I am, they are 67 different mother languagues!!! (is seems the United Nations)

Ottawa is very beautiful and , and the temperature changes a lot (from 3 to 17 degrees, for example). I need an adaptor to plug my things, and voltage is 115 V, but my cellular charger works in Canada and in Spain (I'll explain you that when I come back)

The journey was very very long: I had to be at Vigo airport at 4:30 a.m. and I arrived to Ottawa at 7:00 p.m. local time (that is to say, at 11:00 p.m. in Spain), so, 19 hours of travel.
I would like to go to a NBA match to see the Raptors, but they didn't classified to the play-offs, so they don't play anymore, but I'll go to Toronto in two weeks.

The canadian food is different, but not very much. What is different is the time they eat, because lunch time in my high school is from 11:25 to 12:25, and we eat something light (sandwich, etc.) and then dinner is about 7:00 p.m., and it's when they really eat.
Unfortunately, I did'n meet important people, but maybe when I come back.
We'll keep in touch!

Saudos galegos para os demais. Que saibades que xa atopei algun galego por aqui, que traballa na embaixada, nin mais nin menos...

Sandra,Sani,Eli and Rubén dijo...

What are you learning in the high school?

Sandra,Sani,Eli and Rubén.

jose, antonio Galloso dijo...

Hello? pos aqui xear non xeou pero vai un frio de carallo.

What animals have you seen

Diego, Sandra and Nurii dijo...

Hello chemaaa
Tomorrow we are going to madrid!!!yeah :P
Are the canadian students worse than us??? lol!!!


tamara tania and marta dijo...

hello Chema!
we miss you.
come back soon


Dani dijo...

Hi Chema! How are things going?

Is it cold there? What´s the weather like?

Come back soon


Mr. Loureiro dijo...

Hi everybody again,

How are things going in Sarria? I hope that you are studying a lot...

I have to say that I'm learning different things at high school, specially the way that they teach and the schedule that the students have. They divide the year in two semesters, and they have only 4 subjects each semester, that is to say, 8 subjects a year. But they have these 4 subjects the five days of the week, 1h 15' each class. That is completely from there.
The student work almost all the time with computers, even if they are learning electronics,but they have a huge technology class with at least 25 computers. I'll try to apply there somethings that they are doing here.

They are a lot of squirrels here!! Even in the city, and they don't are afraid of people. People here don't like them, because they eat their flowers, garbage, etc. They are also raccoons, but I haven't seen any raccoon yet. The goose and the beaver are the symbol of the country, there is also a meal wich is called "beaver tail".

The canadian students are more or less like sarrianos students. They are very hard working students and others are lazy, but they aren't great differences between you and they. The main difference is that teachers teach with the door open, and you don'y hear anything!! We can try that in Sarria, do you think you'll be able to do that?

Finally, the weather is becoming better and better, we expect 27 degrees this weekend!! I hope you'll have good weather there too.
People talk a lot about weather, that's because they have a very hard winter (with -20 or -30 degrees, and a lot of snow) and they are waiting for spring and good weather.

I'm waiting for your new questions!
See you soon!

Tamara and Tania dijo...

Hello Chema!!!

We are Tamara and Tania,we didn't
go to Madrid with our classmates.

Have you tried the "beaver tail"?

It's nice to hear from you so often being so far away.


Eli dijo...

Hello chema is Eli!

Have you met many people?

One kiss

sani san marta dijo...

Are Sani San and Marta

When do you go out at night?

How are the pubs in Canada?

Kisses Chemaa!


Anónimo dijo...

hello chema !!
How are you?

The question is very important!!

HAs the pork influeza arrived at Canada?

A big hug

see you soon!!

Jenny <3

Diego, Rubén e Diego dijo...

Hello Chema

How is the landscape?
Have you learnt much English?
Have you seen many sport cars in the streets of Canada?

good bye....

tania dijo...

hello chema!!

how dies the family you live with treat you?