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miércoles, 6 de abril de 2011

The UK, not just England

Este foi o título da amena charla en inglés que Sam, representante da editorial Burlington Books, impartiu o martes 5 de abril no salón de actos do noso instituto para o alumnado de Bacharelato. A charla foi dinámica, participativa e do máis animada, cun showman que lle revelou ao alumnado algúns dos grandes enigmas da cultura británica: por que os británicos conducen pola esquerda ou cal é o obxecto máis olvidado no metro londinense. A respostas están nas mentes dos alumnos de bacharelato, así que localizádeos e non vos quededes con dúbidas.

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Estefanía dijo...

On Thursday 5th April, an English boyy called Sam como to talk about some typical things about his country, England. Frist of all, he showed a photo os himself when he was young, he had hair them and he made a joke about it, since he´s bald now.
Them, he displayed a picture of the British flag which was composed of three more flags, and he asked: "What is this?", and one of the pupils answered: "an English flag, and it gave him a pen as a reward, but to get it he had to say: woow!
Later he showed us a kind of an English man with a skirt and a sword, he also showed us an English car with the steering wheel on the left. Later he showed us a horse and asked if someone had horses, and one girl said that she had two. In the end he asked two questions like in the programme: "Who wants to be a millonaire", and one question was right, and the other wasn´t but both students got a book as a prize. He left very happy because he said we were a fantastic school, because we pronunce very well, not like in Madrid or in Andalucía, according to him.

Noelia dijo...

This man gave is a conference about England.He said that the union of English,Scothish and Irish flags farmed the Uk flag.
He pronunced several words in the different ways of pronuncing them in different Spanish communities.
He spoke about the things people lose frequently in the lube "keys,wallets...".At last he explained the reason why the English drive on the left.This is a custom that comes from their ancestors who rode horses.

Lorena dijo...

Last week, Sam visited our school. Sam is an Englishman who lives in Madrid and he came to school to give a lecture.
In the lecture, whose name was "The UK, not just England" Sam told things about England. He showed us the UK flag, and all the regions that wake the UK.
Sam taught us with games why in England people drive on the left and which one is that object that most people lose on the underground.
He gave presents of my mates too. In conclusion, the lecture was very funny and Sam is amazing!

Cristina López dijo...

Last Tuesday,a man,working for Burlington Books talked about the United Kingdom.
He talked about the regions that from the United Kingdom. The regions are Scotland, Wales and England. The capital is London. He also talked about the flag and its formation. The flag is made up of the flags of different regions: Wales, England...
The man spoke about fighting that they is related why they drive on the left.
The fighters caught the shield with the left hand and on the other hand they caught the sword, so they were able to defend.
In the meeting, the man spoke about the underground and the famous sentece.

Jose Lopez Serrano dijo...

Sam is a british man that gave a speech about England.
He told us that the english , scotish and irish flags from the UK flag. He also taught us the pronunciati0on of several words in different spanish comunities.Sam also spoke about the objects that people lose in the tube.He explained the reason only english people drive on their side.

Jose Antonio dijo...

A couple of days ago, a native English man came to our school to tell interesting facts about England. He told us why in England people drive on the left, this is because when England was in war, the knights could drew their sword quickly.
He told us too that the English people love short words, because a Jaguar is call "a Jag", and the London underground is called "The tube".
In my opinion, this chat was very interesting, we learned a lot of new vocabulary and I think that should have more chats.